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Travellers – Happiness Around The World

Travellers – Happiness Around The World There are many travellers who travel around the world at the moment and today we will present one of them: Snjezana and her project Happiness Around the World. Snjezana is a young woman from Croatia and she decided to travel around the world on the bicycle with her dog Onni to prove that “there isn’t a moment in which your own dog can be an obstacle” and that you can take him with you on your travels.


Here is what she is saying about the project Happiness Around the World:

Let's Save Money on Domestic Destinations with Globester. Use Coupon Code DOM10 to save $10*. Book Now!Every year, during holidays, animals are left homeless because of human neglect. Cast out on the streets where they wander off hungry and thirsty , they often end tragically. Untill yesterday a part of the family and today a “problem“ that stands in the way of a two week vacation.

In summer 2012, under slogan “ HAPPINESS AROUND THE WORLDU“ my swiss shephard Onni and I will be taking a trip around the world to prove that there isn’t a moment in which your own dog can be an obstacle but in fact an essential part that can only enrich and ennoble that very same moment.

We will travel by bicycle and sleep in a tent or with friendly people that are willing to accept us.


Travellers Happiness Around the World – Onni

My wish is to connect with other people in visiting countries. Through social networks Couchsurfing and Warmshowers I will try to animate people all over the world to join us at least on one part of our journey, to walk with us through the streets of their cities or to make a picnic together with our pets in a park, at a lake or on a mountain.

We are starting from Europe, cycling to Asia, taking a flight to South America, cycling to North America and finally taking flight back home.

I am aware that we have a difficult task at hand, physically, mentally and technically. To take care of myself as a woman and a dog on a road is not easy but I know I have enough courage and determination for that endeavour.

You can find Snjezana and Onni on their website and on facebook.


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